Changing the Visual Dialogue directed at Girls and Women

Art Directors + Producers -

A report from the NEA, Artists in the Workforce, released in 2008 shows that women photographers were making .50 on the dollar of their male counterparts. They also reported that the majority of successful, and veteran photographers were men.  Please make an effort to hire women photographers, especially for projects, and products directed at women. 

Here is a list of kick-ass women photographers for your next project. Please contact them directly. 

Ali Smith / New York

Alyson Aliano / Los Angeles + New York

Amanda Greene / Atlanta

Ana Gibert / Los Angeles

Andie Mills / Los Angeles

Bek Andersen / New York

Chrissy Lynn / San Francisco

Claudia Fried / Stockholm + New York

Daria Kobayashi Ritch / Los Angeles

Diana Mulvihill / San Francisco

Erin Patrice O’Brien / New York

Gabriella Marks / Sante Fe

Heather Binns / Portland

Irina Garaiacu / Los Angeles

Jan Sonnenmair / Portland

Jennifer Robbins / New York

Jennie Warren / Los Angeles/ Detroit

Jody Asano / Los Angeles + Tokyo

Karen Morgan / Chicago

Kourtney Sellers / Chicago

Lauren Silberman / New York

Leah Fasten / San Francisco + Boston

Lisa Sciascia / Chicago

Lucia Loiso / Los Angeles

Megan Mack / New York

Norma Cordova / San Francisco

Paige Greene / San francisco

Pat Mazzera / San Francisco

Rachel Weill / San Francisco

Rebecca Drobis / Washington DC

Robiee Ziegler / Los Angeles

Sara Sanger / San Francisco / Sonoma County

Sara Press / San Francisco / Sonoma County

Shannon McIntyre / San Francisco

Siri Berting / Los Angeles

Stella Kalinina / Los Angeles

Sue Barr / New York

Terri Glanger / Dallas

Yeran Torosyan / Grenada + Los Angeles