Changing the Visual Dialogue directed at Girls and Women

Shestock was an effort to support women photographers to improve the visual dialogue directed at them, ­to make it more honest, authentic and empowering. We launched the first female-­centric stock image collection in 2012, comprised exclusively of imagery by women photographers. 

Shestock was  an evolution of all the women that offered feedback and support  from it’s inception. Women photographers that were willing to create and give imagery to an agency that didn’t have a website yet, women in STEM fields that contacted us to be photographed in hopes of inspiring girls, buyers that put the energy into keeping a small collection on their radar, and veteran women in the stock industry, mentoring, supporting and giving their time to advise. 

Thank you all.

Imagery needs to be inclusive. Visuals have no language barrier and are the fastest way to communicate a message, they are stored in long term memory more efficiently than the written or spoken word, and often go unquestioned. Most imagery has been created by anglo men, and their visual language has been circulated and consumed worldwide.  These visuals impact social norms and inform implicit beliefs, beliefs that may affect opportunities we offer others or choices we make for ourselves, without us even knowing it. We need more women of all ethnicities behind the camera. Art directors and brands need to actively seek diverse female talent, and photo editors need to be aware of subtle gender bias in imagery and its’ implications.

Please consider one of these great photographers for your next project. The collection can be licensed through Blend Images