Featured Photographer: Ali Smith + her book "Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives."

Ali Smith is collaborating with a charity called WIN (Women in Need) this Mother’s Day. She’ll be photographing children at WIN shelters so they can give the portraits to their moms for Mother’s Day. Also, for each of her books sold, between April 8th-May 8th, She'll donate $10 to WIN. Help support WIN and get/give an amazing book in the process! Order here!


Leah Fasten - "Women in Their 40's KICK SO MUCH ASS"

"The images are of women in their 40's in the studio. It's inspired by the catagories of casting that women are often put into for commercial photography "Youth" "Mother" " Senior" Etc. And how that doesn't always quite fit with women in their 40's. (too old to be young... too young to be a senior...)  For women in their 40's it can be hard to figure out where exactly to fit in... and at the same time women in their 40's KICK SO MUCH ASS. These are all professional models who were excited about the project. We worked with the casting agency NYLO for the shoot. Bethany Eskadani did the hair and make up." Leah Fasten

Stella Kalinina photographs Yo Santosa of Ferroconcrete for Dot

"I was commissioned by Art Center College of Design to photograph Yo Santosa, founder of Ferroconcrete agency, for the 85th anniversary special edition of the college's Dot Magazine. The feature highlights three alumni creative entrepreneurs who are part of a growing trend to design, create, and manufacture locally in Los Angeles. Santosa, an early adopter of Downtown Los Angeles, not only founded her own creative agency but has also incubated and launched several brands of her own."

Client: Art Center College of Design, Writer: Mike Winder, Editor: Sylvia Sukop

View the article + more imagery here. 

Siri Berting's shoot for Orbit Baby

"This shoot was for Orbit Baby’s fall 2015 campaign to showcase new strollers and car seat designs. It was a 3 day shoot in Los Angeles. The clients loved my lighting, color palettes and ability to capture kids authentically. The goal was to bring a modern perspective to their visual brand. We used real families to capture a close connection. They also tapped into their brand ambassadors from Social Media to be their key talent and the face of Orbit Baby. They felt the look of real people would communicate more directly to their client base and tie into social media campaigns."

Agency: Omelet LA Producer: Amy Uratsu from Village Productions, Wardrobe Stylist: Elwira Miezal, Hair and Make up: Evy Power.


Rebecca Drobis + Earthjustice

"I spent a decade of documentary photography work on Montana's Blackfeet Reservation, Earthjustice commissioned me to illustrate their campaign to stop oil drilling on sacred tribal land. I was sent to photograph Kendall Edmo, a young Blackfeet conservation leader and voice for the future generation, pictured in the submission with her 3 year old daughter, Karis." See the full story here. 

Featured Photographer - Irina Garaiacu

"Growing up in Romania has influenced the way I perceive the world. There is a cultural melancholy that follows me anywhere I go, and I have learned to embrace it and use it in my images.  I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and after taking a friend’s advice I decided to study photography instead of my original plan to pursue painting and illustration, both which I have already studied since I was a child and are still a significant inspiration. This new path seemed like a great opportunity to learn something new and exciting. The program at Art Center College of Design was an amazing and interesting journey discovering photography and all the different ways it can be explored. Today I am still experimenting with colors, light and mood, but I am always looking to capture a real moment within a fantasy."  Irina Garaiacu